February 25, 2015/by tdako

Dubai 2013

One the perks of traveling is that you get to leave your heart…
November 17, 2013/by tdako

View of a Ghost Town

And afternoon view of Famagusta. What once used to be a glamorous…
October 7, 2013/by tdako

Breakfast in Paralimni

After a beautiful sunrise, a quiet breakfast in Paralimni.
September 29, 2013/by tdako

Sunrise at Cavo Grecko

Sunrise at Cavo Grecko.
September 29, 2013/by tdako

Vino Cultura

Got invited to this place yesterday and if you like wine…
September 28, 2013/by tdako

Lush Dancer

90's Party at Lush Beach Bar Resto at Machenzie beach, yesterday.…
September 26, 2013/by tdako

Out & About Series – Nicosia (Occupied Territory)

September 26, 2013/by tdako

Engomi – Metochi Kykkou

September 25, 2013/by tdako

Out & About Series – Nicosia

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is known as the last divided…
September 23, 2013/by tdako

A second afternoon at the Polderbaan

September 6, 2013/by tdako

An afternoon at the Polderbaan I

September 6, 2013/by tdako

Kinderdijk @ Night

Once a year, the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kinderdijk, has the…
September 5, 2013/by tdako

Autumn in Frankfurt

There is something about Autumn. Growing up, I had always attributed…
October 25, 2012/by tdako

Out & About in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, the heart of financial Europe. A great vibrant city,…
October 17, 2012/by tdako

Out & About Series – Mackenzie Beach, Larnaca

Mackenzie Beach, close the the airport in Larnaca, is a family…
September 18, 2012/by tdako

Reflections in a Salt Lake

Close to the airport in Larnaca, there are a couple of Salt Lakes.…
September 16, 2012/by tdako

Out & About Series – Larnaca

September 15, 2012/by tdako

Out & About Series – Nicosia, Cyprus

A walk through Nicosia, spread over a couple of days.
September 8, 2012/by tdako


From a very early age, a few months after we are born, we learn…
September 7, 2012/by tdako


When one hears the word "Freedom", one associates it with another word "Free". But that is a term used at a particular moment. What events led to that moment, have not always been free.
August 16, 2011/by tdako

Typically Dutch – Verkade Chocolate

Verkade, or shall I say Royal Verkade is a 125 year old dutch company that started out making bread, but is currently well-known for its biscuits and chocolate. Located in Zaandam, across the river is the Verkade Museum.
July 22, 2011/by tdako

Typically Dutch – Clogs

Typically associated with the dutch, clogs have been used in many other countries, like Belgium, England and some other Northern European countries. Clogs were mostly worn by the working class, on farms and factories.
July 21, 2011/by tdako

Masa Masa

Funny how languages give a different meaning to certain words.
June 28, 2011/by tdako

A serious fine

Driving around in Cyprus for two weeks, I had always seen this sign and today I managed to stop on the shoulder and take a picture of it. Why?
June 22, 2011/by tdako
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